Matrix Essentials

Professional 4-Step systems modify shape while mending damage and perfecting style for all-day results. Ultimate versatility to fit every hair personality. Patented technology targets each hair texture to replenish essentials and revitalize hair for the perfect look every time. Prescriptive solutions support the salon professional, solving every hair challenge. Helps protect hair and scalp while enhancing technical service performance for flawless results.


Experience BioServices: Bioloage's collection of affordable in-salon professional services that treat virtually every hair need with professional strength formulas and relaxing sensorial benefits. Discover Biolage's unique approach to professional hair care in creating gentle high performance formulas for healthy-looking hair and scalp. Be sure to ask your stylist which therapie is right for you, base on your hair needs.


It's the Year to Rock Out with Vavoom and we present the modern salon styling line for instant high glam styles. Create the latest "it" looks inspired by rock star style, fashion trends and red carpet glamour. With a variety of workable styles, flexibility, lasting hold and texturizing stylers, Vavoom is the first choice among salon professionals.

Design Pulse

Style, lock and rock the latest looks with the Design Pulse collection, featuring stylers to create new styles and endless effects

Professional Hair Color

Matrix offers an array of professional haircolor options. Whether you crave a subtle color boost or a complete transformation, only your Matrix Colorist can create a custom shade especially for you. We offer a full-spectrum of shades in every color category to appeal to your tastes - from the color shy to the fashion-forward. Matrix color technology ensures consistent results so you can expect salon perfect color and condition, every time.
  • SOCOLOR: Colour with confidence. SOCOLOR beauty provides Long-Last colour and shine. Patented ColourGrip Dye Technology anchors deep in hair for enduring even colour and brilliant shine.
  • Color Sync: Seamless. Even. Brilliant. The patented ceramide conditioning and restructuring complex is attracted to porous areas, smoothing the way for uniform processing. Colour is even, it won't leave bands or grab on the ends. It's truly seamless. Color Sync has a comprehensive pallet of shimmering shades plus Color Sync Clear for eaxtra shine and three colour boosters for extra vibrancy.
  • Prizms.Plus: Semi-permanent Hypershine Conditioning colour gloss. The creative colour palette delivers intense shine and colour brilliance without the use of ammonia or peroxide. It is a low comminitment coulour that washes out in 8-12 washes.
  • Colorgraphics 2: An off-scalp highlighting system that lightens, tones and conditions in one simple step.
  • VLight: a dusted violet powder that can be used with all on or off the scalp lightening techniques. It can lift up to 7 levels creating the maximum lift in the minimum time.

Matrix Texture - Straight or Curly?

Curls. Waves. Straightening & Smoothing. Your stylist can a create dramatic transformation with Matrix revolutionary texture technology. From soft to firm curls, to silky smooth blowouts, Matrix offers a complete range of options for every hair type and trend.
  • Opti Collection: Amazing breakthroughs in Matrix technology set the stage for the newest texture revolution - Suddenly, texture is more than curls. is amazing new support for today's trendiest looks from tousled waves to frizz-free curls or smooth blowouts. Clients can now spend less time styling and get hot looks that really last. With formula advances, patent-pending technology and three new waves, the Opti.collection is unleashing a dramatic transformation in texture possibilities. Any Texture. Any Client. Opti.smooth, Opti.color, Opti.curl, Opti.thermic. Ask your stylist which one is right for you!
  • Biolage Waves: Contains exclusive botanical complex to help keep your hair lustrous, strong and naturally beautiful

Matrix Men

Get ready to take control. Salon Powered Style Control. Patented technology builds style and provides quick solutions for everything from thinning to dry hair. Matrix Men brings the salon edge to every man, taking him out of the confines of traditional barbershops and into a new world of styling options. This easy-to-use collection appeals to the casual style of the Matrix Man, as well as the woman in his life.

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I was a first timer to the salon and I found my experience nothing but fantastic and professional.
I was recomended to the team by a friend who is quite particular about her hair and seriously they exceeded all my expectations
I had the first compliment from my husband, ever
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